Libraries are the Gateway to the Future


Coronation Library,  Akaroa New Zealand, 2012

Libraries are about freedom. Freedom to read, freedom of ideas, freedom of communication. They are about education (which is not a process that finishes the day we leave school or university), about entertainment, about making safe spaces and about access to information. 

A library is a place that is a repository of information and gives every citizen equal access to it. It’s a community space. It’s a place of safety, a haven from the world. It’s a place with librarians in it. What the libraries of the future will be like is something we should be imagining now. 
Words are more important than they ever were: we navigate the world with words and as it slips on to the web, we need to follow, to communicate and comprehend what we are reading.

Libraries are the gateway to the future

A very interesting read about libraries, the importance of reading and the value of literacy.

Check out the full article here:

~ The Humming Librarian ~

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