What is Reading?

img_0442“To read is to learn and grow, to experience, to empathise, to understand, to marvel, to wonder, to laugh, and to cry. To live other lives in other places and times, to deepen a connection with place. Indeed reading is many things…it is an experience…thus enriching our lives”

I found the “What is Reading” post on the Read Watch Play blog to be very interesting, which is why I am sharing it on my own blog. You can find the link below.  I am a very firm believer in the importance of reading and this blog, in many ways, expresses many of my own thoughts so beautifully there was no way I’d be able to replicate it.  So I’m reblogging a blog post from another blog, if that’s a thing. I am still very new to this so please bear with me as I learn how to navigate the world of blogging!

Reading allows us to escape the current reality we are living. We can instantly transport ourselves from the dull hum of daily life into the exciting world of wizards and witches, or to lands filled with elves and dragons and dwarves or perhaps to the Mediterranean. We can become someone new, someone different. We can live a million lives and enjoy each experience as though it were real. It fuels our imagination. It allows us to explore what we may not be able to explore in reality.

ReadWatchPlay – What is Reading?

~ The Humming Librarian ~

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